Our next event will be held remotely

Our next event will be taking place on 28 February 2021 remotely.  With our remote event, you can either call in to our conference line at the time allocated to you and your matches to talk with your matches or take part with a video call using Zoom.


Benefits of registering for our remote event

Thank for looking into our marriage events. By registering as a delegate today for the remote event, you will be able to take part in both Stage 1 and Stage 2 of our events.


Stage 1

We will be holding a zoom meeting between 1pm to 2pm.  Registered delegates are asked to log in to this meeting so that other registered delegates can see other delegates and make an informed choice on who they would like to speak with. You can either log in with your webcam or just display a picture. Full details on how to log on and the agenda will be issued prior to the event.  However, after the zoom meeting has ended, please get in touch with us if you are interested in speaking with any registered delegates at Stage 2.


Stage 2

By registering as a delegate today for the remote event you will:

  • be able to hold either telephone or video call with other delegates also registered for the event;
  • only talk to delegates that meet your requirements and you meet their requirements;
  • have the option to reject a telephone or video call request if you don't approve a delegates request;
  • be able to talk to other delegates without having to disclose your number;
  • be able to choose when you are available for the telephone or video call and who you would like to talk with;
  • be able to get parents and or chaperones to call in as well if you prefer;
  • have your profile published on our Instagram page and Facebook Page 


28 February 2021 Muslim Marriage Event held remotely

Cut off date: 27 February 2021


Stage 1 Zoom meeting will be taking place on Sunday 28 February 2021 between 1pm and 2pm.


All registered profiles are posted on our Instagram page @BespokeRistey.

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