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We are a new family run marriage event business, launched in February 2019.  Marriage is an important act in Islam and when a person marries, he/she is said to have fulfilled half their deen.  Our prime aim is to facilitate marriage introductions by helping muslims find their ideal partner through our selective criteria matching service.


How our events operate?

There are two ways for registering to attend our events.  The first option is to register as a delegate for the event for which there is a charge.  The second option is to request a meeting with the registered delegate which is free of charge.


Option 1- Register as a delegate


Benefits of registering as a delegate

  • Fed up at turning to events and meeting no one matching your set criteria.  Well with us, you will only meet candidates that meet your requirements.  This targeted approach not only saves you the hassle and time but more importantly results in you having a greater possibility of finding your ideal partner.  


  • Our unique service allows registered delegates to receive a tailored plan before the event detailing who they will be meeing. 


  • No need to sit amongst endless groups of people searching for your ideal partner.  We have done all the hard work beforehand allowing you to spend your valuable time only engaging with candidates that match your criteria.  


  •  Feel free to take advantage of up to two free family/chaperone tickets to attend the event.


  • Your profile will be published on our instagram page and facebook page for free. 


  • A full refund of event fee paid if you change your mind before the cut-off date for each event. 


  • We will keep automatically rolling you forward onto the next month’s event if we cannot get suitable candidates matching your criteria at each event.  We will refund your deposit if you decide to opt out at any time as long as you have not attended an event.


  • We charge a £5.00 registration fee to register an interest in attending our marriage event as a delegate.  After the cut off date we will contact you to discuss your potential matches including your free bookings.  If you are satisfied wilth your allocations and would like to attend the event, then the attendance fee of £17.50 would have to be made on the day before the start of the event.


Option 2 Request meetings with registered delegates


Do you meet the requirements for any of our registered delegates?  If you do, please book your free of charge appointment to meet our registered delegates by completing the form in Our Events page or by calling 07432 66 42 85.  Appointments are subject to approval by registered delegates.  We will contact you just after thge cut off date to confirm the time and place the event will be taking place.  

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