About Us

We are a new family run marriage event business, launched in February 2019.  Marriage is an important act in Islam and when a person marries, he/she is said to have fulfilled half their deen.  Our prime aim is to facilitate marriage introductions by helping muslims find their ideal partner through our selective criteria matching service.


Our next event will be a teleconference

Our next event will be taking place on 31 May 2020 as a teleconference.  With teleconference event, you can call in to our conference line at the time allocated to you and your matches giving you access to talk without having to provide your numbers to to your matches until you are ready to exchange numbers.


Benefits of registering for teleconference

By registering as a delegate today for the teleconference you will:


  • Be able to hold teleconferance call with other delegates also registered for the event;
  • only talk to delegates that meet your requirements and you meet their requirements;
  • have the option to reject a teleconference request if you don't approve a delegates request;
  • be able to talk to other delegates without having to disclose you number;
  • be able to choose when you are available for the conference call and who you would like to talk with;
  • be able to get parents and or chaperones to call in as well if you prefer;
  • have your profile published on our instagram page www.instagram.com/BespokeRishtey and facebook page www.facebook.com/bespokerishtey for free. 


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